Strange Tails

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ISBN: 9781457536427
356 pages

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We begin our journey along side a semi-misfit crew of construction workers as they are building house’s of ill-repute, only to make rather startling discoveries deep below the deserts of southern Nevada. These discoveries lead to deception, strange encounters with beings, and humorous solutions to the many problems that have arisen and are undertaken. Be amazed on how it’s done!


About Duain D. Bennett

Duain Bennett is a retired carpenter from Las Vegas. Nevada, his avid interest in astronomy and participation in all forms of motor sports has inspired him into science fiction…



Sean Bradley, owner of ICU Construction Company, calls Tim Morrison, his senior superintendent, into his office with good news.

“Tim, we got the contract to build the House of Joy. It’s not a hard money job, but on a tight schedule. The heavy equipment will be here in two days to start grading. Get some people in here to give ’em elevations and lines. Here are the plans. Look them over and get familiar with ’em. The surveyors are out there now giving us the four corners.”


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